Business Process Consulting

“Our Management Consultants, experts in Organization Change Management (OCM) and other best practices will assist you in analyzing and documenting existing business processes, developing, managing, implementing and monitoring the changes based on your needs.”

OCM – The key to success

It is anticipated that organizational and functional changes resulting from implementations will generate questions and concerns from employees and stakeholders directly and indirectly affected.   Therefore, communication and the enrollment of employees through effective, interactive communication processes are key components for a successful change leadership program.

The goal of the OCM strategy and plan, which include a communication strategy and plan, is to ensure that stakeholders understand the benefits of the changes and begin to integrate changes to their actual work processes by involving themselves and sharing the ownership of the project.   The communication strategy would be outlined and created after conducting an assessment of the current communication environment, identifying and evaluating existing communications channels and determining communication needs (message, tone, frequency, most effective communication channels) as a result of the initiative(s).  As the OCM plan is developed, all the information gathered from the various business representatives and the content of the relevant strategy developed, would then be incorporated into the overall program.

The OCM strategy and plan, and the subsequent detailed communication plan, will strive to respond to employee and stakeholder information needs by detailing a specific and realistic approach to delivering honest, straight-forward, timely communications throughout the organizations that support the client organization.

Our BPCS path: Process to Value

We use five steps to reduce costs and make your organization more innovative and agile:

  • Value and Performance Management to define goals and evaluate progress
  • Accelerated Business Analysis to optimize BPMCS delivery with pre-defined sector solutions and reference models
  • Leverage BPCS Technology to maximize use of selected BPCS and Business Rules Management technology, tools and platforms
  • Unified Process Improvement to ensure process-oriented thinking becomes embedded across the organization
  • End-to-end BPCS Governance that promotes process ownership and provides supporting structures to sustain BPCS excellence