Our Team

Parveen Nath | Founder, CEO

Parveen Nath

Parveen Nath founder and CEO of PPM Savvy. As a CEO, he is recognized as a strategic visionary, an effective decision maker and a leader in large transformational initiatives. It is Parveen Nath’s leadership that government departments, financial & insurance institutions, health networks and large telecom outletshave successfully relied on building teams which deliver successful results in a cost effective and timely manner.

A graduate of the University of Windsor, a Project Management Institute, ITIL and a LEAP certified professional, Parveen has honed his executive management skills from the ground up. First as a member of a project team, to a Senior Management Consultant, then as a Senior Business Manager of large initiatives spread over various industries across the globe and finally as the man who now directs teams in delivering business results. Best practices are at the heart of any successful project, and while industry best practices may be taught in classrooms, Parveen is in demand as a skilled trail-blazer who has developed a roadmap to the successful delivery of the project’s conclusion, based on best practices he has developed by experience.

Parveen created PPM Savvy as a boutique management consulting firm where they provide and deliver on the same level as larger firms. PPM Savvy works with organizations in every industry to develop strategies that deliver results.

Strong, charismatic leadership is necessary to guide companies through the necessary changes caused by a new initiative/change in an organization. It is during the rollout of the change that staff may feel threatened or insecure of the coming change.

PPM Savvy instills a sense of calm at all levels of corporate structures by assisting staff to understand the initiative/change, and why these changes are necessary to the success of all involved, and to the success of the company’s Vision. Mission, Goals and Objectives, and to the Health of the company.

Our Associates

Alex Romanov

Alex Romanov

Alex Romanov, PhD, is a Canadian business architect, consultant, helping organizations to identify business transformation opportunities, visualize strategies, and plan enabling solutions. His specialty is establishing efficient business architecture practices.

Over 20+ years of experience in North America and Europe, Alex has successfully delivered 30++ major projects in public and private sectors: designed concepts and convinced business leaders on them, managed architectural teams, lead iterative development of complex enterprise models, optimized project scopes, defended architectures in Architectural Review Boards, and supervised consequent IT implementations. His subject areas included transportation, government services, energy efficiency, retail, insurance, finance, pension plans. His clientele included the Government of Ontario, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), European Commission, Dansk Teknologisk, Danfoss, Worldinsure, SwissRe, CGI, Sequoia RS, Manulife Financial, John Hancock, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), numerous smaller consulting firms working internationally.

Ms. Graham

Ms. Graham

Ms. Graham is an SME in Organizational Change Management (OCM), Organizational Effectiveness, Program/Project, Process Re-design & Optimization, and their related tools, techniques and strategies. She has extensive experience as a speaker, facilitator, mentor, coach and trainer in the corporate environment, and has taught at Universities and Colleges.

Ms. Graham is an excellent communicator (both verbal and written) and has an excellent understanding of the “People Factor”. A sought after public speaker, presenter, coach and mentor, who is recognized as a strategic visionary, an effective decision maker and a proactive leader.

Ms Graham is the renowned author of many publications, and of the upcoming book series “OCM NOW!” – 1: “Organizational Change Management – The Key to Successful Projects, the 7 step approach”, 2: ”Mastering The Art of OCM – The Key to Successful Projects – The 7 Step Approach to Deploy Enterprise Projects Successfully”,  3: “Stakeholder Management – The OCM 7 Step Approach”, and 4: “OCM for SAP and other Large IT transformational Initiatives – The 7 Step Approach to Success”. Ms Graham has authored many articles for clients, associations, and has published a few on LinkedIn.

Services have been successfully provided in both French and English, in Canada, the United States, Western Europe, Morocco, and in Russia.

  • Selected Workshops and Speaking engagements for clients, associations and public venues:
    • Risk Management, Virtual Teams and Global Diversity
    • ITIL Implementations and OCM, a recipe for success
    • OCM and PM, The Necessities of Successful ITIL Transformational Initiatives
    • Managing Change in a Project Environment (Popular one Day Workshop)
    • Organizational Change Management and Projects
    • Organizational Effectiveness, Efficiencies and Cultural Diversity

Ms. Graham brings with her a well-rounded background of over 20 years’ experience with OCM, PM and ITSM.