Our Focus

“PPM Savvy provides professional management consulting services that produce satisfying and rewarding results.”

We understand the importance of execution; and that delivering your initiatives on time, on budget with superior quality, and meeting the full scope of your needs are the factors that will determine the success of the initiative and ultimately, your business. We will help set you apart from your competition.

Our consultants offer various levels of experience; from Senior Management Consultants, to Senior Portfolio VPs, Directors, Senior Program Manager, and Senior Project Managers and from Senior Business Architects to Senior Business Analysts, based on client needs. They not only manage and deliver initiatives on time, and on budget, they also provide insightful leadership and bring value to the delivery of the initiative based on their past experiences.

Our depth of knowledge and wide-ranging expertise ultimately enables our clients to successfully meet their corporate strategy, goals and objectives, complete their initiatives on time and within budget, as well as realizing the benefits and outcomes expected.Industry best Practices are a significant contributor to our value proposition. These best practices represent our continued drive for excellence as we are focused on searching for new and better ways of delivering services and enhancing our progression.

Provide Portfolio, Program and Project Management delivery services – setup, execution and/or monitoring.

Provide services to analyze, develop/assess a blueprint of the enterprise which provides a common understanding of the organization which is used to align with strategic and tactical requirements.

Organizations that currently have a Project Management Office (PMO) or project management resources can still be struggling with the concept. PPM Savvy assesses the environment and provides the client an actionable road map to ensure business and IT initiatives are achieved.

Provide Portfolio, Program and Project Management training, coaching and mentoring services based on industries best practices using certified experienced instructors.